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We all know that sleep is essential for both our mental and physical health.  

Did you know that just by prioritizing your sleep and setting boundaries, your chance of getting better quality sleep just exponentially improved?


Setting clear boundaries in certain areas of our lives may be what you need in order to sleep better.

I get it, everyone needs you so it’s not possible for you to set boundaries.  I’ve been there believing I needed to be available 24 / 7 for my children, my parents and my work.  

Guess what?  

I was able to set some boundaries while being clear on my reason behind them and everyone respects them.  You can too!

Here are 3 areas of your life you could look at right now and see if you could set some small boundaries.

  1. Work

It’s easy to do extra work now that many of us are working from home.  Setting clear boundaries around your working hours will allow for other team members and your supervisor to know when you’ll be available and when your work day is over. That way you’ll be able to transition from work mode back into home life mode easily and not feel the need to constantly be looking at your emails in the evening.

If needed, having a conversation with your supervisor about this new boundary might be necessary.  That way everyone can be on the same page.

  1. Family members in our homes. 

Let them know you’ve decided to set a bedtime routine for yourself and during this time, you are not available.  Make them aware of your decision to set this boundary and the reason why it’s important to you. 

If you’ve always been the person they go to when they need anything, then it might take a bit of time for them to get adjusted to your new boundaries.  But they will get used to it and ask for help earlier in the day.  If they forget and come to you after the agreed time, then gently remind them that it’s your time now and it can wait until tomorrow.  

Of course, if it’s an emergency you will definitely help them.  But if it can wait, then make them wait.  You are taking responsibility for your sleep and it’s important.

  1.  People outside of your household.  

I often hear, “yeah but my kids don’t live at home or my parents are in assisted living facilities, what if they need me at night?”

Have a conversation with them.  Let them know that you are now prioritizing your sleep and that after a certain time, you won’t be available to them, unless it’s an emergency.  Come up with a plan together of how they’ll contact you if it’s an emergency(or if required). And also, get clear on what you consider an emergency so they know when to call on you or when to wait for the next day.

Hint: you can set your phone on “do not disturb” and select which calls you want to be allowed.  That way you won’t miss a true emergency when you are needed.

I know, you might think people won’t respect your boundaries.  But it is up to you to set them and stick to them.  You can do it.  I know it.  

If you need help setting boundaries and/or help figuring out what is getting in the way of your sleep, book your Optimal Sleep assessment today.

We will look at the things getting in your way of your sleep you might not even be aware of and get clear on the number one thing you can do to improve the quality of your sleep.

Until next time, sleep tight!

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