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Since this all began, the word I’ve been hearing during meditation or while out on my walks has been “simplicity”.  How can we find simplicity in our daily lives now so we can cope with all the stress, overwhelm, uncertainty and fears coming up during this pandemic.

The question I’ve been asking myself is, how can I explain EFT/Tapping in a simple effective way, in order for as many people as possible to be able to use it to reduce their stress level now.

I’ve been offering free online tapping groups (max 4 people) where we talk about the concepts I’ll introduce you to in this blog.  We also do some group tapping to deal with the stress each one of us is dealing with at the moment, since it can vary for each of us.

To register for one of my tapping groups, please use this link: Group Tapping Sessions

Now, let’s talk about stress.  We hear from so many different sources that an increase in stress can increase our cortisol level (the stress hormone in our body), which in turns lowers our immune system.  Right now, we need to keep our immune system strong to protect us from the COVID-19 virus.

Dr. Peta Stapelton just released a new study that shows how one hour of EFT/Tapping reduces cortisol levels by 43%.

Yes, I did say 43%.  One hour of tapping reduces cortisol level by 43%.   In other words, it can help keep our immune system strong.

This study examined changes in stress biochemistry and psychological distress symptoms in 53 participants. The participants were randomly allocated to one of three 60-min group interventions: Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), psychoeducation (PE), and no treatment (NT).

Salivary cortisol assays were administered 30 min pre- and post intervention to test cortisol levels.

As you can see from the graphic, the EFT group had a 43% decrease in cortisol, the PE group a 19% reduction in cortisol and the NT group an increase of 2% in cortisol.

In today’s blog, I want to introduce you to a few easy ways to do EFT/Tapping as a self-care tool in order for you to benefit from tapping, even if you are not familiar already with this energy modality. We will discuss silent tapping, tap and rant, as well as orienting tapping.

 But first, you need to know the tapping points. You also need to know what I mean by “a round of tapping”.  It’s simple, tap on each point 7 to 10 times with the tip of your fingers and that is considered “a round” of tapping.

When tapping on these points, we are tapping on the end points of the meridian lines.  Since they are equal on both sides of our body, it doesn’t matter if we tap on both sides at the same time, or just on one side.  As well, it doesn’t matter which point we start with. What’s important is to keep tapping until we start to feel some relief.

Because of the recommendation not to touch our face during this pandemic, you can modify the tapping points and still get amazing results.  This allows us to still tap if we are not comfortable touching our face. Or if we are in a situation where washing our hands is not possible, (example: sitting in the car once you leave the grocery store and need to reduce your stress level immediately.)

Now let’s talk about these 3 different ways to use tapping for yourself in the moment you need to reduce your stress level.

Silent tapping

This is the most basic one. There are times when we feel dysregulated emotionally and we don’t know why. It could also be that we can’t name the emotions.  We just know that we feel “off”. In this case, my go to is silent tapping. You simply tap through all the points while breathing, tuning into whatever is coming up for you.  It might take a few rounds before you feel yourself calming down enough to be able to put words to what you are feeling.

Try it. Tune in to how you feel right now, rate it from 0 to 10. Write that number down.  Try tapping 2 rounds silently while breathing. Once you are done, rate how you are feeling again from 0 to 10.  For most people, this helps calm them a little without doing any deep digging to figure out what is going on with them.  The point of this is just to reduce the stress we are feeling in the moment so we can keep our cortisol levels low.

Tap and rant

This one I use often.  Whenever I am feeling dysregulated emotionally and I can’t figure out why, I just start tapping and ranting. It feels good to speak it out loud while tapping on the points since its release that negative energy we are holding on to.

Here is an example of what it could look like, but you need to use your own words with what you are feeling.

Top of the head: don’t know what is happening right now

Inside eyebrow:  I just feel off and….

Side of eye:  maybe it’s because I can’t go to work

Under eye:  maybe it’s because the kids are always looking for more food

Under nose: which means I need to constantly be cooking and cleaning

Chin:  breathe

Collar bone:  yup, that’s it.  I am tired of all this extra cooking.

Under arm:  feels like that is all I am doing since we’ve been home

Then back to top of the head and keep ranting and tapping through the points until you feel calmer. Once you are clamer, you can put a name to that emotion and be more specific with what is really bothering you.

Orienting tapping

The purpose of orienting tapping is to bring you back into the present moment.  My favourite time to do this one is right before I go to bed since it calms down my mind and I can fall asleep easily afterwards.

You need to do one round of tapping for each sense.  It can look something like this:

Round 1: What do you see?  Find an object you can focus a soft gaze on.  Start noticing the color, the size or anything about this object.  Tap on each point 7 to 10 times while you name the different aspects of that object.  Example: I see a painting on the wall. There are trees in the painting. The frame is brown with a white mat. etc…

Round 2: What can you hear in the room you are in?  Is it the hum of the refrigerator? Is there a dog barking? Children playing? A clock ticking?

Round 3: What can you touch?  I usually focus on the feel of my hair when doing the  point on top of my head. You can feel your skin on the face points.  You can feel the temperature of the room on your skin. Feel your feet on the floor.  The fabric of your shirt when you are on the collar bone point.

Round 4: What can you smell?  Is there a food smell in the house? Or do you have essential oils diffusing?

Round 5: What can you taste?  Is it the coffee you are drinking?  Or do you taste the toothpaste you used not long ago?  Or is there still left over flavour from that piece of chocolate you just ate?

Most people feel calmer after doing the orienting tapping. You can do it as many times as you want in order to find calmness in your mind.

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